Luso Americano – Dr. Caesar de Paço e esposa já ofereceram dezenas de unidades caninas às polícias americanas.

The Honorary Consul of Portugal in Palm Coast, Dr. Caesar DePaço and his wife, Deanna Padovani – DePaço, have generously provided numerous canine units to police departments throughout the United States. Caesar & Deanna are residents of New Jersey and own the nutritional supplement company, Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. ® in Branchburg, New Jersey. The couple enjoys trekking across the country equipping police departments with canines that  provide protection to both the officers and the community.

A canine trained for law enforcement purposes, depending on their ability and training, can cost about $10,000. As much in New Jersey as in many other American cities, canine units are in action thanks to the initiative of Caesar DePaço and his wife, Deanna.

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