DeLand Police Department Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ®

DeLand Police Department Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ®

The City of DeLand, Florida & the DeLand Police Department thank Dr. Caesar DePaço, owner and founder of Summit Nutritionals International ® for his generous donation of a bullet proof vest for K9 Daro.

2017 Summit Nutritionals International

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Summit Nutritionals International ® Donates Bomb-Sniffing German Shepherd to Beach PD

The borough council took time out of its meeting Tuesday to give thanks for Point Pleasant Beach’s newest bomb sniffing dog.

At the Aug. 1 borough council meeting, the mayor and council thanked Caesar DePaço, founder and CEO of Summit Nutritionals International and honorary consul of the Portuguese Republic for Florida, for donating Tyson to the borough police department.

“I want to thank [Dr. DePaço] and his lovely wife for this contribution to the police department,” Mayor Stephen Reid said of the black and tan bomb sniffing German shepherd.

“It’s really amazing, not just for out town, but for our residents and people who are visiting, it makes us all feel a lot safer so I wanted to thank you for that.”

Council President William Mayer read a proclamation in honor of Mr. DePaço and his wife, Deanna.

“Point Pleasant Beach is a popular tourist attraction in New Jersey that, seeing thousands of visitors each year, recognizes that the addition of a bomb detection K-9 is an important safety measure for the borough, the boardwalk and other critical infrastructure,” Councilman Mayer read from the proclamation.

“The couple has shown commitment to law enforcement agencies in the United States and throughout the world, making it their life’s mission to provide for K-9 officers and equipment that enhances security for police officers.”

For Mr. DePaço, his passion for police officers comes from his own childhood dream of being a member of a force.

“When I came to the United States back in the 1990s, my goal was to become a police officer,” he said.

“For various reasons, that didn’t happen because I couldn’t become a U.S. citizen because I was involved in politics in Portugal so I couldn’t become a dual citizen.

“This was my way of accomplishing that goal since I am not one of them, at least I can assist them,” Mr. DePaço added.

According to Mr. DePaço, he has been donating bomb detecting dogs to police departments since 2014. Currently 41 dogs have been donated to departments at home and abroad.

One dog could cost anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000.

“The goal is to assist police departments that can not afford to acquire their own K-9s,” Mr. DePaço said.

Mrs. DePaço agreed with her husband.

“It’s very difficult to maintain safety on the streets. The K-9s get into the nooks and crannies and they’re also deterrents against crime,” she said.

Tyson, who is 2 years old, lives with Point Pleasant Beach Police Officer Kyle Boturla and is a graduate of the New Jersey State Police Bomb Detection School.

“We are extremely thankful and appreciative to the DePaço’s for their generous donation of K-9 Tyson, who is a fully trained explosive detection dog,” Chief Joseph Michigan said.

“With this gift, the De- Paço’s have made it possible for residents and visitors to feel a little bit safer knowing that K-9 Tyson is on patrol.”

2017 Summit Nutritionals International

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Chief Larsen Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ®

Chief Larsen Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ®

Chief of Police, Richard P. Larsen of Point Pleasant Police Department Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ® for their donation of a K-9 ballistic vest.

2017 Summit Nutritionals International

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Office of the Hunterdon County Prosecutor Thanks Summit Nutritionals International ®
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Reflections From A Man Involved In An Incredible Journey

Reflections From A Man Involved In An Incredible Journey

Chris Engelhardt

Chris Engelhardt, K9 Handler & K9 Fritz

Reflections from a man involved in an incredible journey. I want to take this opportunity to share my story and involvement in an amazing journey to be a part of a project that has changed my life. When I met Dr. DePaço it was obvious he had a love for dogs and an appreciation for law enforcement and their contribution to the community. I could never have fathomed how dedicated they were to giving back to the men and women that served beside me.

To understand my appreciation I should first tell you about my lifelong goal of being a K9 Officer. Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a Police Officer, but it wasn’t until my cousin introduced me to his K9 Partner that I instantly knew that this was going to be my dream. In 2008, I was granted that dream by being named the first K9 Officer in Hillsborough, New Jersey. My first dog, Raider, was an amazing partner and he exceeded all the expectations that any K9 Officer could ask for and then some.

Unfortunately, after five years Raider had to retire due to a genetic spinal condition. I had lived my dream for five years, but knew I had so much more to give. This is when Dr. DePaço changed my life.

Dr DePaço committed to purchasing a K9 for Hillsborough as well as a vehicle that was much needed. Again, I was chosen as the K9 Officer. Imagine being able to live your dream twice!

Chris Engelhardt 2

Chris Engelhardt, K9 Handler & Caesar DePaço, Ph.D.

This is where my life changed. Dr DePaço decided to make it his mission to facilitate K9s to police departments that were in need. I remember sitting at home and reading about the Oklahoma City dog that was stabbed by a criminal he was chasing. I think any dog owner can sympathize about how devastating the loss of your partner can be. Then I received a call from Dr. DePaço about how he wanted to help. He expressed to me about how he was not only concerned about the loss of the dog, but he was also concerned about how the handler and the family were coping with the situation. This is where the journey starts.

With Dr. DePaço’s permission I facilitated the purchase of Oklahoma City’s next K9 from Vohne Liche kennels. Since then I have been the middle man of a total of 15 dogs that Dr. DePaço has purchased for departments in need. It is one thing to receive a dog, but to be witness to another officer receiving such a generous gift is unforgettable.

I owe a lot to Dr. DePaço. My first dog, Raider, is living a better life thanks to Droi-Kon ®, I have a second dog that is working daily to go catch the “bad guys” and I have been a part of his amazing project to provide K9 dogs to departments that needed help.

Thank You Caesar DePaço for your contribution to law enforcement around the country!

Chris Engelhardt, K9 Handler

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