Summit Nutritionals International Defeats Sioux Pharm – Joint Dismissal with Prejudice Approved
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Summit Nutritionals International is Victorious In Legal Battle Against Sioux Pharm, Inc

Summit Nutritionals International, Inc of New Jersey is victorious in their legal battle against Sioux Pharm, Inc of Sioux Center, Iowa. As of October 2, 2015, Dr. Allan Kramer, President of Sioux Pharm, Inc, has formally withdrawn all claims made against Summit Nutritionals International in Case No. LACV 023704 in the Distict Court in and for Woodbury County, Iowa.

In addition, Sioux Pharm retracts all allegations made against Summit Nutritionals International.

For more information regarding the recent victory of Summit Nutritionals against Sioux Pharm, please visit the following links.

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Sioux Pharm Inc. – Withdrawal of Claims and Retraction of Allegations Against Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. ®
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Update July 2015: Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. vs. Sioux Pharm, Inc.

Update July 2015: Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. vs. Sioux Pharm, Inc.


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To Whom It May Concern,

I have been asked by my client, Summit Nutritionals International, Inc., to make the following statement on the basis of the information provided to me by the client, which I consider to be true and which I have no reason to doubt:

In an unfair competition proceeding pending before the courts in Iowa, Sioux Pharm, Inc. has accused Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. of unfair competition, on the grounds that it commercializes diluted chondroitin sulphate that does not comply with the applicable purity standards.

This accusation is entirely untrue and baseless, as Sioux Pharm is perfectly aware.

Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. commercializes food grade chondroitin sulphate all over the world.

The food grade chondroitin sulphate is produced in strict accordance with the specifications of Summit Nutritionals International, Inc., by its manufacturer Eagle Laboratories, Inc., whose factory is located in the state of Iowa in the USA and with which it has an exclusive production and supply contract.

All products commercialized by Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. are analysed by five independent laboratories, all of which are accredited by the FDA – the US Food and Drug Administration. The analyses, the reports of which are provided together with the product supplied to Summit’s clients, show that the samples taken always contain at least 90% chondroitin sulphate, i.e. that they comply with the applicable purity standards.

The purity of the food grade chondroitin sulphate commercialized by Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. has therefore always been completely guaranteed and no adulteration has ever taken place.

It is also important to note that Summit Nutritionals International, Inc.’s clients also conduct analyses of the product supplied by Summit Nutritionals International, Inc. in laboratories selected by them and have never complained about the purity of the product, but have rather expressed their complete satisfaction with the quality of the product supplied.

This is one of the reasons why Summit Nutritionals International, Inc., is accredited by the Better Business Bureau serving New Jersey, which has certified its ethical advertising, sales and client relations business practices.

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Summit Nutritionals vs Sioux Pharm - Lawyer Testimony

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Sioux Pharm, Inc. – Sioux Center, Iowa – False Claims of Chondroitin Sulfate Purity

Sioux Pharm Inc.

121 19th Street SW

Sioux Center, IA 51250
Phone: (712) 722-4699

Fax: (712) 722-4698

Sioux Pharm, Inc. – Sioux Center, Iowa – False Claims of Chondroitin Sulfate Purity

SIOUX PHARM INC., should be restrained from making any statements likely to
discredit the Applicant, SUMMIT NUTRITIONALS INTERNATIONAL INC., and its product and be further restrained from introducing Chondroitine Sulphate into the European market that does not comply fully with the purity requirement of at least 90% of this product and, in the case of pharmaceutical grade chondroitine sulphate, which does not comply with the other requirements applicable to that grade of product.

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